Where We're Headed


We’re building a national leader in the field of retirement consulting. Backed by proven investors, and in partnership with retirement services entrepreneurs, our goal is to become one of the most dynamic, successful firms in the industry.

Group RHI is actively seeking:

-          Acquisitions that will allow us to grow in the retirement services industry.

-          Specialist firms that allow us to take advantage of new markets and geographies.

-          Successful companies that are eager to grow and compete on a larger scale.

Why consider joining Group RHI?

-          Immediate liquidity for owners. Founders who have built successful businesses can reap the benefit of their success.

-          Your choice: to exit the business, or remain with us as an executive or strategic advisor.  We welcome those who would like to play a role in identifying and assessing future acquisitions, working in partnership with our executive team and investors.

-          Expanded capabilities. As Group RHI expands, your clients (and prospective prospects) will gain access to an expanded set of services. And your team will benefit from the Group's expertise, systems and initiatives focused on growth and customer delight.

-          Professional development. Group RHI's growth strategy is built on successful managers who are passionate about service excellence. We invite those interested in playing on a larger stage to help us create a new leader.

-          Employee ownership. Owner have the option to invest a portion of their proceeds as equity partners in Group RHI. This is a unique investment opportunity, a way to enjoy additional upside, and an assured way to staying involved in the future of the business. 

-          A history of success. Our equity partner, Candescent Partners, is one of the most experienced and successful private equity firms in the professional services field. They’ve leveraged their expertise, resources and network to build national leaders in a variety of industries, with over $800 million of investments to date.

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